Philip Fuller



I've worked across many mediums. Below is a small sample of print and installation.


“Why We Grow” makes legible and concrete the goals Seward Co-op created when deciding to open a second store. While the majority of residents were excited about a second store, a minority were concerned that their depressed neighborhood wouldn’t see a benefit. This presentation was the centerpiece of a conversation to address those concerns. As such, it had to clearly communicate the data points Seward Co-op was already tracking, or would track during construction and into the future. 

Designed, illustrated, copy-edited annual report.

Designed, illustrated, printed and installed local meats display header.

The Nourish program was designed to bring, under one identity, new and existing ways that made shopping at Seward Co-op affordable. The development group created the name of the program and a tagline. I designed the identity and the materials.

Designed, illustrated, copy-edited annual report.

Consolidated, edited, and designed a streamlined and accessible guide educating consumers on a variety of produce tips and storage techniques. The guide was so well-received,NCG purchased the design

Designed and illustrated poster for KUTX 98.9.